• Nina Lovelace

Kandu: Supporting your people in uncertain times

Times are uncertain at the moment and many businesses and organisations are rightfully taking steps to protect their staff from risks related to #COVID-19, or #coronavirus.

We’d like to communicate to our existing and any potential new clients however that if you are still keen on providing #leadership development, #coaching or #mentoring programmes to your employees in the coming weeks, Kandu is able to help you, wherever you or your employees are based.

We can facilitate online-only mentoring, coaching and/or leadership programmes from start to end. Our software can auto-match your mentors and mentees, support them to set development goals, and help them log when development goals have been reached and when mentoring sessions (which can be online-only) have occurred.

In this way, we collect both real-time and progressive development data for HR or programme managers to view and analyse. You can track mentee progress and programme return in investment, with Kandu's data analytics support.

All our #training for your mentees, mentors and admin can also be provided via Zoom, so no-one need get-together physically if that is your preference.

Furthermore, Kandu itself expects to continue to deliver the same level of service in the coming months. Our team members already work remotely, and are distributed around the world.

We are confident in our continued ability to serve your business, regardless of our physical work locations.

Please get in touch if you are still keen to continue with developing your people’s careers and/or businesses during these uncertain times - we are here to help. hello@wekandu.io