• Nina Lovelace

Kandu launch: The Centre for Entrepreneurs' NEF Fast Track 2020 programme

Updated: Oct 3, 2019

Kandu is pleased to announce that we will be working with the Centre for Entrepreneurs NEF Fast Track programme for the second year running.

We will from this month (October 2019) be helping to create a private online community between the programme's largely early stage entrepreneurs, and NEF Fast Track's volunteer coaches and mentors, to make it easier for entrepreneurs to find the help they need when they need it (whether it be from on-demand expert mentors or potentially finding a longer term principal mentor) as they progress along their nine month business growth and leadership programme.

We helped entrepreneurs last year to access knowledge more easily, as explained by Georgie Nightingall below, who was part of the NEF 2019 programme. This year we hope to make the experience even better by breaking down mentor/advisor and mentee introductions according to customer experience, sector and other metrics.

Georgie, who is Founder & Chief Curioso @Trigger Conversations, Life Coach & Trainer said: "When you're building a company, there is one certainty - that you're going to need help from others. Reaching out to others to ask for help isn't always easy - where to find them, how to know what expertise they have and which platform to use to connect....

"Kandu expedited my need to understand B2B sales - within a few minutes I had located mentors with the tag, shortlisted them and 'pinged' a few short messages to ask for help. Within 24hours I had 6 conversations scheduled over the next week - and they are super helpful at making suggestion and transferring knowledge. Recommended!"

We will also this year also be launching our new progress page functionality to NEF Fast Track. This allows us to create a progress page for each entrepreneur which we can pre-populate with recommended Goals and Tasks from the NEF Fast Track Programme Director for entrepreneurs to refer to and mark off. These Goals and Tasks reflect the learning programme and key objectives/milestones.

Progress pages help the entrepreneurs have clear guidance on what they need to achieve by when during the programme, but they also collect data which gives NEF Fast Track greater visibility over individual entrepreneur's progress. We help create this visibility by asking the entrepreneurs to spend 10 minutes each month marking Goals and Tasks as complete, in progress or parked. The entrepreneurs can also add and report against any personal (self defined) Goals, and report on their sentiment or confidence against Goals.

An example entrepreneur's Progress Page with 'Supporter Team'

We then complement this insight further by collecting any feedback available from each entrepreneurs' 'Supporter Team' of mentors, advisors and a coach, on how they think their mentees are developing and/or suggested actions that come from mentoring meetings.

In this way we hope to improve transparency between different supporters, helping them to see how their peers are adding value to combine their joint support in a more effective way, creating no more work for the mentor than it takes to write and send an email.

Overall we hope we can help NEF Track to more easily identify any entrepreneurs who may be struggling and need extra support, as well as collect data such as trends in mentee needs and supporter knowledge and whether this means their community has any significant knowledge 'gaps'. We can also track which mentors and coaches are meeting and engaging as promised.

Our entrepreneurial leadership awards set

Lastly, we also will be encouraging mentees to 'endorse' the very best mentors and coaches using our new suite of entrepreneurial leadership awards.

Thanks again to CFE for working with us again this year - and for supporting small businesses as well as helping to create them - and thanks in advance to entrepreneurs, coaches and mentors for engaging with the network.