Are you corporate or consultancy, looking to support key talent to drive business growth and/or innovation? Kandu can help you manage leaders at all levels to maximise collaboration to achieve L&D goals, and track supporter impact, to help illustrate ROI.


  • Our software can help corporates to deliver best in class mentoring and/or coaching programmes for Mentees

  • We create private mentor matching networks for our clients, helping to match their talent with potential Supporters, such as mentors, advisors, sponsors, peers and coaches

  • We capture users' knowledge areas, needs, offers and availability, and automatically suggest potential Supporters/ Mentee relationships - facilitating chats and collaboration

  • Kandu also monitors the impact of Supporters, collecting Mentee endorsements to assess their impact/ number of Mentees helped

  • All user data is collected in a central dashboard for client analysis

  • Kandu can also track the impact mentoring is having on learning & development strategies, for example for graduate development programmes.

  • Our software creates 'Progress Dashboards' for Mentees, to help Mentees and one or more Supporters to work together to help Mentees achieve business and/or personal learning objectives.

  • Mentees and Supporters are prompted to regularly feedback, creating a continuous, lightweight 360 degree feedback process. All data is collected into a central client dashboard

  • This aligns Supporter advisory efforts to clear Mentee development goals

  • Kandu can also help organisations to manage and measure innovation or change and transformation programmes or projects

  • We can take your existing change or innovation strategies and translate these into development objectives for key leaders responsible for delivery

  • Kandu's software can support these individuals to make progress, helping them to build Supporter teams and nudging them to consider actions or reflections related to managing volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity (#VUCA)

  • All progress data is collected into a central client dashboard, helping the client to assess whether change and/ or innovation is occurring as hoped

  • Kandu can also recommend in external supporters (mentors, advisors) if required, encouraging leaders to widen their support pool for fresh insights and conversations