Are you an accelerator, running a programme to grow early to scaling businesses? Kandu can help you manage your communities to maximise knowledge exchange, and track programme & supporter impact to help illustrate ROI.

  • Our software collects knowledge and experience data from your accelerator Entrepreneurs and Supporters (eg internal managers, external mentors, coaches etc) in a private, whitelisted network

  • Kandu can manage multiple communities in one network, creatine subnetworks based on programme and growth stage eg ideation, early stage, scaling

  • We help classify your different types of Supporters to reflect your programme(s) and what type of support they can provide

  • We can also provider Supporters from the Kandu mentor pool

  • Kandu's software then matches Entrepreneurs with programme Supporters (eg mentors, coaches & partners) 

  • We also match Entrepreneurs with peers based on venture & business stage similarities, to facilitate support and knowledge sharing

  • Users can then message each other directly  - or make introduction requests to a programme manager if you prefer - to chat and collaborate

  • This saves programme managers from having to match needs to offers manually


  • We create private Progress Dashboards for Entrepreneurs, viewable by themselves & favourite Supporters

  • These dashboards help to align programme and personal goals with Supporters advisory efforts

  • Kandu can customise programme goals to client needs - Accelerators often want to track events attended, mentoring hours collected -  but let us know

  • We can also suggest entrepreneurial leadership goals to entrepreneurs who may appreciate Kandu 'nudges' to develop as entrepreneurial leaders 


  • Kandu reminds Entrepreneurs and their Supporter Teams  to meet and discuss goals

  • We collect Supporter sentiment on how entrepreneurs might self-reflect against programme and/or personal goals, and also collect Supporter's thoughts on what additional tasks could support faster progress

  • Kandu also remind Entrepreneurs to endorse Supporters  with Kandu award badges. These celebrate impactful advisory interventions 

  • We can also collect data on Venture Business KPIs if required eg turnover


  • Kandu collects all Entrepreneur and Supporter profile and progress data in a client dashboard

  • This helps clients track Entrepreneur progress against programme and/or personal goals over time, illustrating programme impact

  • We can specifically track the number of Supporter reports, so hours mentored

  • Kandu also collects which Supporters have been endorsed with awards, illustrating which Supporters are turning a dial for Entrepreneurs 

  • Our databases can integrates with existing CRMs or systems if required.