Mentoring or coaching business impact can be opaque and hard to measure. Kandu helps corporates, accelerators and universities design, launch and measure mentoring programmes, helping clients achieve best possible development outcomes and return on investment.


Kandu helps organisations plan, launch, manage and measure mentoring or coaching programmes to support business leader development at scale. Our ability to collect and analyse programme data ensures we have the insights to help our clients adapt programmes in-flight, helping them achieve for best possible outcomes and return on investment as quickly as possible. 

Programme Design & Delivery: We analyse organisational need to plan and deliver customised programmes for successful, impactful people development, using our team and associates' deep knowledge of business leadership and diversity. Furthermore, we support our clients to ensure their mentors and mentees are prepared to maximise the development opportunities from receiving and/or offering mentoring before their very first meeting, through assessment, training and communications. We can also work with existing programme plans and partners if necessary. 


Software: Once programmes move to delivery phase, Kandu deploys secure software which supports and monitors mentees and mentors as they connect and engage, collecting vital programme data for analysis. Mentees log priority goals, ‘supporters’ of their development are identified and assigned such as mentors or coaches, and meetings, progress and sentiment recorded simply and efficiently. This is especially powerful for entirely virtual programmes supporting individuals across dispersed teams.


Insights: Programme administrators can view mentee and supporter reported progress at-a-glance on their Kandu dashboard, individually and across groups. Kandu’s expert consultants also collate leading-edge programme progress reports which offer insights, future-views and recommended actions, so we can support and guide clients as the programme progresses, to achieve best possible mentee and mentor outcomes and thus return on investment, both during and after the programme. 


Integration: Kandu's software can be integrated with your existing platforms and systems such as Salesforce and WorkDay, and we are GDPR compliant. We can manage programmes at scale across multiple locations. On top of providing programme content and workshops, Kandu also provides full software support and training to ensure successful internal adoption.