Leadership development and its related business impact can be opaque and hard to measure. We help corporates, accelerators and universities to guide and measure future leader progress, while monitoring the impact of supporters such as managers, mentors and peers.


Our expertise and evaluation software helps our clients to achieve the following. Contact us now for a demo & for pricing.

  1. Spark more collaboration and conversations. We match Mentees (your talent or entrepreneurs) to internal and/or Kandu sourced Supporters - which may be a mixture of managers, mentors, coaches or peers - to help them create personal but diverse Supporter teams.

  2. Measure Mentee progress. We collect Mentee self reported progress and confidence data, and Supporter's reflections on their progress, helping clients measure ROI for their leadership, business growth or L&D programmes.

  3. Improve development outcomes. Are any of your Mentees struggling & need extra help? Identify them faster, using our one page progress tracking dashboard.

  4. Identify and reward great support. We collect & promote impact data on which  Supporters are really turning the dial for their Mentees.

  5. Support entrepreneurial or intrapreneurial leadership efforts. Our software promotes self reflection and can, if required, nudge Mentees towards entrepreneurial activities and actions. This can support a more engaged and agile workforce, increase collaboration, innovation and creativity, support appropriate risk taking, and improve performance. 

Watch our short product explainer - our next generation platform is launching in September 2020.