Startup Packages

As well as matching startups to expertise on an ad-hoc basis, Kandu's most trusted experts also deliver workshops or short support programmes.

These give digital-first startups fast advice, input and clarity of purpose, especially ahead of making significant investment in technology or marketing or sales/ partnerships.

If you are interested in the below, or would like a bespoke package, please email for more details.

Idea & Research Stage: Startup Viability Workshop

This one day workshop will equip potential entrepreneurs with the knowledge on how viable their startup idea is, and develop a plan of action to reduce risks before ‘going for it’.

The full day workshop includes all of the following including worksheets:

  1. Market Sizing: Complete a lean business canvas including estimated market sizing
  2. Audience Focus: Identify your target audience(s) and sketch out their assumed needs
  3. Risk Assessment: Risk assess your assumptions to identify priority areas for research
  4. Next Steps: Create a plan of action to validate your assumptions, using lean principles
  5. Readiness Assessment: A sector business coach will assess you ablity to navigate specific sector issues. Eg in health and wellness this will include regulation or trials/pilots should you wish to sell to the NHS.

Build & Launch Stage: The Accelerator-Ready Programme

This programme is targeted at startups who have created a live digital product or physical product, are moving towards launch and/or want to build traction quickly to attract investment and apply to accelerators.

It can be delivered via workshops or remotely with the support of a mentor, tasksheets and workbooks. It can be for a single startup or a group keen to share costs. It will consist of:

Pre Launch Planning:

  • Review and/or set short to medium term objectives for your initial product or service
  • (If a B2C product) review your marketing plan to ensure it will bring you most value in terms of your key objectives, including advice on which marketing levers to use, and how you will differentiate yourself from competitors.

Post-Launch Analysis:

  • Analyse your initial data to understand what pertinent trends are emerging and what this may mean for your business model assumptions/ immediate product and marketing expenditure decisions
  • Make fast ‘growth hacking’ recommendations on how to improve user experience or other aspects to improve key success objectives such as sign up, engagement and sales.

Readiness Review:

  • A sector business coach will check your product and team’s capabilities and strengths, and make recommendations on advisors/ experts who may add value to your proposition eg an NHS navigator can help you understand how to manage clinical trials or pilots to collect evidence of efficacy.

Growth & Investment Stage: The Lean Machine Programme

This programme of days is best suited to funded startups as they move to scale, and need to better manage multiple priorities with small teams. It can be delivered via workshops or remotely with the support of a mentor, tasksheets and workbooks. It can be for a single startup or a group keen to share costs.

It will be led by a experienced business coach, supplemented by market specialists where required.

  1. Set OKRs: Set or review company Objectives and Key Results across key areas such as business commercialisation/investment, product and marketing.
  2. Be Agile: Understand and implement Agile/ Lean working methods, to ensure business tactics are aligned to Objectives and Key Results
  3. Focus: Prioritise resources to fit short to medium term OKRs
  4. Access Markets: Investigate and identify key partnerships and sales targets for growth. A sector business coach will help you to prioritise your partnership and sales strategy.
  5. Fundraising/Investment: Assess investment opportunities including grants.

Bespoke Packages

As well as the above, our experts are able to create bespoke packages for your startup depending on your requirements.

For more information on all of the above, including pricing and availability, email