How does Kandu work?

Kandu matches founders (and startup board directors) to freelance experts to help them to help each other.

They are matched based on a startup’s stage of development, what a founder needs help with, and what mix of compensation they can offer an expert for their time such as day rate and/or equity.

You can watch a short video on YouTube: How To Use Kandu

I’m both an entrepreneur and an expert. Why can’t I be both on Kandu?

Kandu is in live beta, so we currently ask people to promote themselves as one or the other.

Should I sign up as an expert or a founder/startup?

We are likely to only accept you as a skills expert (eg product, marketing etc) if you have successfully run a business or team in the area of expertise you think you can offer to startups, and can provide us with a reference that we can use to check how well your services or abilities are regarded. We ask people to sign up using Linked In so we can check your initial credentials and whether or not you meet our terms and conditions. If you are a business or investment advisor, we would expect you to have several years experience and ideally provide a reference that proves the impact your advice has brought.

If you are a founder, we will accept you from idea stage onwards, though many of our founder members have built something and are looking for growth/ preparing for an investment round.

How do I edit my profile?

If you have found someone to help you with a task, such as "Prioritising customer needs (UX)" or "Clarifying unique selling points (branding)", you can remove it from your match profile by doing the following:

  1. Login to the site at www.wekandu.io
  2. Click on your image in the top right hand corner of the screen
  3. A drop down will appear. Choose 'Edit My Profile'
  4. You will then be given a choice of what sections you'd like to update, from business stage, sector(s), what tasks you need help with/can help with, your compensation choices and finally your public profile seen within the site.

Here's a little visual if you need some help.

Are your experts or advisors also mentors or potential co-founders or investors?

Yes, they can be - this is up to the conversations you have and what you decide in terms of your relationship.

Is Kandu a consultancy, agency or a recruiter?

No. Kandu is a free matching service (like a well known dating app!). We help individual entrepreneurs and startup directors get introduced to excellent, individual advisors and experts to help them develop their businesses, according to their business stage, needs and how they can compensate.

We don’t charge anyone for this service, but may charge experts in the future as we develop the platform. The experts and entrepreneurs are not Kandu staff unless they are clearly labelled as such. They are individuals using our platform according to our Terms and Conditions.

What are the benefits of signing up as an expert?

Expert benefits are:

  • Business leads: Get easier access to startups matched to your requirements, without having to find them yourself
  • Flexible compensation: Choose how you want to be compensated by founders for your time - you can choose from day rates, equity or other benefits such as flexible hours or an adviser role for your CV
  • Consultative engagement: Have conversations with founders after initial contact, and decide for yourself how best to help and how much time you can invest. Many startups just need a short period of support, or a day a week for a period of time - so it’s ideal if you have any spare capacity. Founders normally want advice (help to think) or expertise (help to think and do).
  • Investment opportunities: You may find a startup you believe in so much that you are willing to be an unpaid advisor in return for equity.
  • Free PR: If you achieve a Kandu Badge we can feature you on our social platforms as part of our marketing drive over the next few months, if that’s something you’d like us to do.

What are the benefits for signing up as an entrepreneur or startup board director?

Founder benefits are:

  • Choice of expertise: Get easier access to experts who match your requirements, removing the need to ask friends, post in Facebook Groups or chase people on Linked In.
  • Flexible compensation: Get matched to experts who will accept the compensation you want to offer, bearing in mind the very best people will expect a paid a day rate as part of their compensation mix.
  • Instant messaging: You can message experts within the site, and then arrange a meeting or phone/Skype/Hangout if they are interested and available.
  • Consultative advice: Founders don’t need to have a prescribed plan to schieve a goal. Our experts will advise how they can best help you, and how they can make it affordable for you. Many of our experts know that founders just need a short period of support, or a day a week for a period of time.
  • Free PR: Kandu will feature your startup on our social platforms as part of our marketing drive over the next few months, if that’s something you’d like us to do.

You can find experts who can help you to:

  • Check your business market size & competition
  • Identify your audience size and needs
  • Design and build a digital product and/or marketing website
  • Set data strategy and success metrics
  • Create and implement a digital marketing strategy (including SEO, social media etc)
  • Prepare pitches and apply for investment
  • Improve your personal skills as a founder
  • Get legal support for issues such as raising investment, IP and HR
  • Hire permanent staff

I’m a healthtech founder. What specialist advisers have you got for me?

Health is Kandu’s initial specialist tech sector, but we aim to roll out more sectors in the coming months. If you are a health founder, we have some excellent advisors who can help with the following and more (read more about our latest health experts here):

  • Designing and building smart physical products such as wearables
  • Logistics, manufacturing and importing physical products
  • Negotiating patient data security and governance in the NHS
  • Getting clinical input for your digital product
  • Collecting evidence that your digital product improves health and wellness
  • Selling into the public sector (specifically the NHS) and private sector
  • Checking your app is suitable for the NHS app store
  • Using technology such as AI, AR etc in health and wellness settings

Who can sign up to use Kandu?

Anyone over 18 can register to use the site. If you are under 18 please contact us, as we will need your parents to sign up on your behalf.

Expert Members must be:

  1. A freelance or independent digital, tech or market expert.
  2. An innovation or business expert working for a corporate, charitable or public sector organisation, whose employers are happy for them to provide individual consultancy services to a startup in their spare time.
  3. A board member within a small digital agency or digital consultancy of no more than 10 people providing digital services other than recruitment services.
  4. A board member in a professional services organisation providing legal, accountancy or investment advice.

We do not accept experts who belong to large digital agencies, or recruitment firms - though we will feature individual, freelance recruiters who can provider a flexible service to entrepreneurs.

What experts do you have on board? Are they good quality?

Kandu has a two stage vetting process for its experts.

Stage 1: Experts must have a LinkedIn profile that we can check their identity, and then they must agree to the Kandu values, which are "Be honest, Be supportive and Add value" as part of our Terms and Conditions.

Stage 2: We will assign a Kandu Badge 'K' to experts who have provided us with a client reference by which we can check that they live up to the Kandu values and have the relevant experience. The Kandu Badge, we hope, offers founders greater reassurance that the expert they are being matched to has their interests at heart and has been recommended by another startup founder.

What founders do you have on board? Are they good quality?

Founders or startup board directors must have a LinkedIn profile that we can check their identity and background, and then they must agree to the Kandu values as part of our Terms and Conditions.

After that, we leave it to our experts to decide whether a Founder and their business is of interest to them.

We do ask that founders clearly identify as being at one of the following stages: Idea & Research, Build & Launch, or Growth & Investment, which means experts can choose to only get matched with founders at specific business stages.

How much will using an expert cost?

Kandu does not charge founders anything for its service, but experts will mostly want and expect monetary compensation as they are professionals running their own small businesses. We leave it to our experts to negotiate with founders how much they wish to charge, if they do want to be paid a day rate.

Some experts will work for equity instead of day rate, or a mix of both, and others will do deals for benefits such as flexible and remote working. Some may work for some payment in kind such as advice in return for a co-working space. A few may work for nothing, but will probably want a professional benefit such as an official advisor role for their CV.

As a result we won’t show you day rate costs for experts, as they will decide themselves based on their availability and interest in a founders project.

I’m a founder, entrepreneur or startup board director. Do I have to share details of my startup publicly?

We do not ask founders to share more than a headline about their idea in their About Me section, to pique the interest of experts, and perhaps a URL if you have a product already built or in process.

Our legal partner Seedlegals provide an excellent Non Disclosure Agreement for founders to use if they then want to engage in more detailed conversations with any experts they find. Sign up to a Seedlegals trial to create, sign and download for free.

I’m an expert. Do I have to share details of my day rate?

No - experts only need let founders know for matching purposes, what mix of compensation they would like for their help, eg day rate and equity. What day rate you then go on to negotiate with individual founders is entirely private.

I’m not a digital startup founder - I have a physical product. Can I still use Kandu?

Kandu specialises in helping founders to launch businesses with a digital aspect to them. You may have a physical product, but if you still need help to sell or promote your product online, you can definitely still find support to brand and build a marketing site by using Kandu.

If you are developing a smart physical product for health or wellness, we can definitely help as health is our initial speciality.